Tokyo Yamate Culinary College

Overseas training for all employees


Overseas training for all employees

Using a scholarship to subsidize most of the overseas training expenses,
Learn cooking and sweets on a global scale

In order to learn about global standards, all second-year employees go to overseas training.
Many schools offer overseas training only for those who want it, and it costs a lot of money.
Our school bears most of the overseas training expenses.All students who are highly motivated to study abroad are eligible.
For those who wish, there is also a short-term study abroad program in Germany where you can experience working as a pastry chef and boulanger at a local first-class store.

Overseas training is provided for second-year students.Our school bears most of the overseas training costs, and everyone participates. This one-week training included a variety of programs, including classes with first-class chefs at a local school and production training at a long-established bakery factory.Standing in the same kitchen as a real chef, you will learn techniques, knowledge, and attitudes toward cooking.Learning here is an opportunity to reconfirm the skills you have learned over the past two years, in addition to improving your skills.
*The training destination may change due to overseas political situations, natural disasters, or other international circumstances.

  • Paris, France

    Paris, France / Overseas training

    The numerous learning experiences that can only be experienced in France, the country of gastronomy, will be an experience worthy of being called a treasure of a lifetime as a chef.Learn authentic French cuisine at a local cooking and confectionery school.Enjoy first-class flavors at Michelin-starred restaurants.At Marche, you can touch the local ingredients.Feel the air filled with the spirit of France and fully hone your sensibilities as a chef.

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  • Turin, Italy

    Turin, Italy/Overseas training

    Learn how to cook and dessert using the highest quality "Made in Italy" ingredients and cooking equipment using cutting-edge technology. In addition, we will travel to rich Italian production areas to learn about the marriage of Italian cuisine, sweets, food and wine, wineries, cheese factories, and balsamic vinegar factories, and learn about the background of food culture and ingredients.

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  • Munich, Germany

    Munich, Germany / Overseas training

    In addition to training at a German national bakery school that trains bakers and pastry chefs, they actually worked as a pastry chef and boulanger at the famous 139-year-old restaurant "Rishart" and experienced life in a foreign land. experience.Eat the best ingredients produced by the natural European climate, and enjoy the longed-for overseas life in a historic townscape.

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Participation by all students in the second year Overseas training scholarship

  • POINT1

    Safe and secure

    Accompanied by teachers and tour conductors!The training destination vocational school and restaurant have a long-standing relationship with the school, and even before the training trip, they keep in close contact and exchange information, so that they can participate in the program with peace of mind.A dedicated interpreter is attached, so there is no need to worry about language!

  • POINT2

    most of the training costs
    Our school pays

    Overseas training expenses are paid by yourself from 0 to 20 yen.Additional delivery such as airfare is not required.It is possible to participate in overseas training at an overwhelmingly reasonable price compared to other schools.

  • POINT3

    Experience foreign food culture
    broaden one's horizons

    A valuable opportunity to experience the use of ingredients, cooking utensils, and food culture not found in Japan.Our school offers programs that allow you to gain as much experience as you can from overseas, such as restaurants with Michelin stars and restaurants with Japanese owners.It might be a turning point in your life where you can find a new dream!


Precisely because it is a valuable learning to experience in the real land as a chef / pastry chef
Everyone can participate in the second year and everyone can grow.

YAMANOTE conducts overseas training every year for second-year students. During this week-long training, various events were held, such as cooking training with first-class chefs at affiliated cooking and confectionery schools, and seminars at long-established sweets shops.Standing in the same kitchen as an authentic chef/pâtissier, you will learn techniques and knowledge, as well as preparations for cooking.Learning here is an opportunity to reconfirm the skills and knowledge that I have learned over the past two years, in addition to improving my skills.Another feature of this training is that it provides many opportunities to come into contact with authentic food culture while sightseeing in various places.By actually tasting the local cuisine, you can experience the authentic skills and hospitality.At the same time, you will learn the knowledge of the host, such as table manners and etiquette in the restaurant.Numerous learning experiences that can only be experienced through overseas training will become treasures worthy of being called lifelong for chefs and pastry chefs.Through overseas training, you can broaden your perspective on cooking and sweets and the possibility of being active in the industry.


Specializing in Italian cuisine and Italian sweets,
The most prestigious cooking school in Turin


Experience a craftsmanship at a long-established German bakery in the world's leading "Bread Country"!
Approaching the essence of German bread.

Germany has the largest variety of bread in the world, with over 300 types of large breads and over 1200 types of small breads. YAMANOTE conducts global training in Germany for those who wish to learn about authentic baking and confectionery and broaden their horizons.The stage of the training was "Rishart", a well-established bakery in Germany with a history of over 130 years.Experience the actual work at a factory that manufactures all breads, cakes, and delis, with more than 20 shops in Munich.Direct guidance is provided by the person in charge who is the highest German craftsman Meister.Experienced not only in the bakery department, but also in various departments such as fresh sweets, baked sweets, and deli.See, touch, and learn about a wide variety of authentic manufacturing methods, including traditional German confectionery.In addition, we visited a local patisserie to learn about German food culture, traditional sweets, and cutting-edge sweets.We also visit patisserie run by Japanese people and ask about important things and episodes when opening a store overseas. Upon completion of training at Rischart, the president of the company issues a certificate to each student.Students who have experienced global training will be able to cultivate a broader perspective to be active as pastry chefs and boulangers, and will be able to further develop their ambition as professionals.

For those who aspire to be pastry chefs and chefs

From confectionery and bread, Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, we train professionals who can play an active role in the field through small-group training.